Travis Nickey Nebulous flat label

Travis Nickey Nebulous


“Nebulous murmurs a symphony of a forboding storm. Envision the earthy scent of fresh, damp grass intertwining with the musky fragrance of petrichor—the essence of rain on dry soil—creating a palpable anticipation of the imminent downpour. Hints of ozone and storm-tossed air echo the electric energy of an approaching tempest, capturing the tension and allure of the impending storm.” – Travis Nickey


Set against a canvas of expansive greenery, Nebulous unveils an evocative scene—a vast field stretching into the horizon, adorned with lush greenery, while overhead, brooding clouds gather with an air of impending tempest, hinting at the looming arrival of a formidable storm.


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Uncommon Flame’s 100%-soy candles are:

  • 16 ounces of pure, clean-burning wax (available in two more sizes for custom/namedrop orders)
  • Designed for a burn time of up to 120 hours with a lower melting point for the extended burn time
  • Made from natural and renewable soy wax — biodegradable and easy to clean
  • Non-toxic, allergy-friendly and soot-free, with no harmful byproducts
  • Delightfully scented with a strong, long-lasting fragrance (available in 60+ scents — plus unscented, too!)