Candle Scents

Our fragrance oils are certified to adhere to standards set by the International Fragrance Association.

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Prefer an unscented candle? No problem! We also offer unscented candle wax in every candle we sell.

Amazon Falls

Brazilian rainforest fresh air nuances intertwine with the nectary-sweet watery notes and green rainforest fern. This fresh, clean and invigorating blend combines leafy green notes to enhance and complete this fragrant accord.  (back to the top)

Apple Cider & Clove

Sweet and spicy blend of warm apple cider, sweet orange slices, cinnamon and cloves.  (back to the top)

Baby Powder

Soft, fresh and powdery scent.  (back to the top)

Banana Beach

Sunkissed banana, ripe coconut, piña colada, sea spray, velvet rose, milky sands, warm vanilla, sweet breeze accord and tropical musk.  (back to the top)


Berries and leaves of fragrant bay blend beautifully with grated cinnamon, filled with warm notes of balsam fir and sandalwood.  (back to the top)

Black Ice

Masculine fragrance with invigorating citrus notes, wild lavender and subtle florals, enhanced with oak moss, musk and sandalwood.  (back to the top)

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Tangy blend of fresh black raspberries with a hint of vanilla in the background.  (back to the top)


Stunning bourbon aroma.  (back to the top)

Butterfly Kisses

Soft, sweet florals combine with a light fruity essence of apples and pears.  (back to the top)


Fresh, juicy cantaloupes in the peak of season.  (back to the top)


Earthy cedar scent pairs with light notes of vanilla for a truly warming fragrance that allows you to imagine yourself walking through a wooded forest on a warm spring afternoon. (back to the top)

Christmas Splendor

Spicy blend of fruits and everything else wonderful at Christmas.  (back to the top)

Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon stick fragrance oil is a beautiful, warm blend of spiced cinnamon with an underlying woody tone.  (back to the top)

Cinnamon Vanilla

Smooth-smelling vanilla with a touch of ground cinnamon.  (back to the top)


Outdoor staple to keep bugs away.  (back to the top)

Citrus & Sage

Rich citrus blend of bergamot, tangerine and lemon over a velvety green sage heart.  (back to the top)

Coconut Lime

Sizzling blend of fruits, herbs and palm bark with bright splashes of lime, a scent sure to remind you of a tropical paradise.  (back to the top)

Crème Brûlée

Decadent, creamy dessert smell with caramelized brown sugar topping will have your mouth watering. The buttery scent blended with warm sugar and sweet vanilla is typical of this dessert, creating a lovely aroma.  (back to the top)

Cuban Tobacco

Sweet scent of grandpa’s pipe with just a hint of cherry.  (back to the top)


Refreshing blend of green floral along with a lively mixture of tulip, jasmine, field grass, osmanthus and white musk, signaling spring is on its way.  (back to the top)

English Lavender

Freesia, chamomile and English lavender come together with a hint of musk to create a calming fragrance.  (back to the top)


Stimulating scent of true eucalyptus.  (back to the top)


Refreshing masculine blend of petitgrain, cardamom and citrus, infused jasmine and rosemary with a base of musk, oakmoss and Brazilian rosewood.  (back to the top)

Flannel & Spice

Intriguing blend of soft and bold notes that create a smooth, inviting, somewhat masculine fragrance. Creamy sandalwood, just a bit of patchouli and vanilla bean are topped off with lively spices and orange zest.  (back to the top)

Fresh Linen

Clean and invigorating with a fresh ozonic quality. The freshness is supported by fresh linen on a musk base.  (back to the top)


Clean and invigorating with a fresh ozonic quality. The freshness is supported by fresh linen on a musk base.  (back to the top)


Aromatic blend of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove baked with sweet vanilla.  (back to the top)

Good Vibes

Vibrant lemon zest and Italian mandarin with touches of green pineapple and leaves of coriander brightened with lavender flowers and the essence of cashmere wood.  (back to the top)

Harvest Spice

Spicy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pumpkin and other spices.  (back to the top)

Home Sweet Home

Strong housewarming spicy cinnamon.  (back to the top)


Potent sweet nectar flower.  (back to the top)


Freshly bloomed hyacinth opens with a lush, green top-note, followed by a burst of primrose, jasmine, carnation, hyacinth, lotus blossom and star anise, finishing with a subtle earthen nuance.  (back to the top)

Inner Peace

Evokes an endless field of wildflowers with the scent of white peonies, orange blossoms and geraniums in the air, dancing under a calm blue sky.  (back to the top)


Sweet floral fragrance with musky honey undertones creates a calming and relaxed feeling. (back to the top)

Lavender Vanilla

Vanilla Delightful blend of vanilla, lavender and the renewal of floral top notes.  (back to the top)


Wonderful aroma of leather.  (back to the top)


Sweet and juicy glass of lemonade.  (back to the top)

Lemon & Lavender

Citrusy-lavender blend with sparkling top-notes of orange, tangerine and lemon, with additional florals of plumeria, jasmine and cyclamen and subtle notes of clove and vanilla.  (back to the top)

Loaded Apple

Apple Succulent apple peel swimming in a pool of savory spices.  (back to the top)

Mango Papaya

Uplifting tropical blend that’s sure to have you daydreaming of your favorite island getaway.  (back to the top)

Mahogany Teakwood

Dry notes of Mahogany and teakwood perfectly mixed with bergamot, sweet citron, ylang-ylang and cinnamon bark.  (back to the top)

Fresh-baked cookies filled with juicy raisins that will tempt your taste buds.  (back to the top)


Fresh picked from the orchard trees and ready to eat.  (back to the top)


Peony in bloom blended with jasmine and white lily — a floral scent is accentuated with bright green foliage for added depth of fragrance.  (back to the top)


Strong and refreshing minty scent.  (back to the top)

Perfect Autumn

Blend of pumpkin, cranberry and spiced apples.  (back to the top)

Pumpkin Shake

Pumpkin puree, sweet pie crust, creamy whipped vanilla and a hint of butter.  (back to the top)

Pumpkin Spice

Incredible blend of pumpkin and pie spices.  (back to the top)

Sea Salt & Peony

Beautiful balance of sea salt, peony, geranium, rose and tea leaves amid fresh aquatic scents of rosewood, white cedar and white patchouli.  (back to the top)


Cinnamon and sugar-coated butter cookie.  (back to the top)

Spiced Apple

Freshly baked apple with cinnamon sprinkled on it.  (back to the top)

Spiced Orange

Fresh oranges with a kick of clove and cinnamon.  (back to the top)

Spiced Sugar Plum

Delightful blend of purple plums, with citrus fruits on a sweet sugary base.  (back to the top)

Strawberries & Cream

Mix of fresh ripe strawberries and sweet-smelling whipped cream.  (back to the top)

Sweet and buttery cookie dough with a hint of sugar.  (back to the top)

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

All the sweet and spicy fragrances of cinnamon, pumpkin and clove come together in this special autumn scent.  (back to the top)

Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper

Pepper Bright and juicy, bursting with orange, mandarin and a touch of apple surrounding a soft neroli and rose, with the warmth of a peppery slightly musky base.  (back to the top)


Aromatic tangerine peel, sun-ripened grapefruit and zesty lime that will truly awaken the senses.  (back to the top)


Clean burning and scent free.  (back to the top)

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow

Warm, melted, gooey, caramelized marshmallows, sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice — an incredible aroma.  (back to the top)


Powerful concoction of energetic mandarins, clementines, crisp lemons, limes, tropical fruits and exotic greens.  (back to the top)

Warm Apple Pie

Layer upon layer of delicious baked apples in a light, flaky crust infused with cinnamon and nutmeg. Combining these sweet, savory scents will allow you to enjoy the true fragrance of a delicious apple pie.  (back to the top)

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Warm, sweet vanilla with a hint of a floral undertone.  (back to the top)


Sweet juicy vine-picked fruit great on a hot summer day.  (back to the top)


Spicy floral bouquet of red rose, muguet and carnation with cinnamon and pine nuances.  (back to the top)

Wine Cork

Delicious wine mixed with red currant and mountain air, steeped in apricot nectar, dark cedar and winter sage.  (back to the top)