About Laurel Burch

The world of Laurel Burch first catches your eye with a bold splash of color … a magnetic magenta, passionate purple, tantalizing teal, or outrageous orange transformed into her exuberantly whimsical creatures, fantastical flowers, and mythical figures that capture the soul of humanity.

Inspired by her desire to give and her passion to create beauty, Laurel Burch created art embraced by collectors and kindred spirits around the world. Despite her lifelong struggle with a rare bone disease that caused her to suffer more than 100 fractures, Laurel lived with extraordinary joy, undiminished gratitude, and a contagious positive spirit.

The boundless originality of this extraordinary artist places her among the most treasured creative spirits of our time.

Laurel Burch, artist at work

From the Laurel Burch Collection

Native Cats design by Laurel Burch

Native Cats

“Mysterious, elusive, and beautiful, the exotic cats of faraway lands have intrigued me endlessly. Out of this fascination comes an array of my own cat spirits, always with human eyes.” Read More… Native Cats
Dogs Dogs Dogs design by Laurel Burch

Dogs Dogs Dogs

“In my paintings my dogs appear (as your dogs do!) as their rainbow spirits would surely express themselves in red and magenta, purple and teal!”

–Laurel Burch

Laurel’s bright Dogs…
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Wildflowers design by Laurel Burch


“There is a wonderful place where wildflowers grow in colors beyond the words of poets … open your heart and feel the colors of magic blooming inside you.”


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